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I’m so glad you’re here! Therapy with me is centered on simultaneously understanding and caring for the coping strategies you’ve developed, and having the courage to heal. I believe that you hold the answer to your own healing, and that I get to be a guide, partner, and co-conspirator on that journey. My therapeutic approach is all about developing the client-therapist relationship so that you feel secure enough to receive care and begin to trust yourself, as well as to make meaningful connections outside of therapy sessions.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients on an array of issues, but am especially passionate about the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating, body image, compulsive exercise, and navigating and unlearning diet culture. Along with my clinical work, I have experience in eating disorder advocacy and am committed to increasing access to care for trans and queer individuals. My approach to recovery is both anti-diet and fat justice-centered. Other common topics clients explore with me in sessions include gender and sexuality, relationship concerns, self-esteem, chronic illness and pain, perfectionism, men’s issues, and spirituality. I love working with people who are coming into their identities, exploring questions around the meaning of life, or are going through big transitions.

I identify as nonbinary and trans, queer, Jewish, invisibly disabled, and an avid animal lover. These identities shape and inform my practice. Some of my favorite things outside of therapy include working with and riding horses (specifically my trainer’s horse, Leonard), playing with cats, rewatching “Mad Men,” and learning French.