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Marriage and Family Therapist

(612) 445-0225 x 25

*Miriam is unable to accept any new clients at this time.

Life is a complex journey and can be full of unexpected turns in the road. These are often difficult to navigate on your own and may sometimes feel nearly impossible. For you, these difficulties may show up in the form of depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, trauma, or questioning the meaning of life, among other things. Navigating mental health struggles can feel lonely and be isolating. One of the reasons I believe that therapy works is the opportunity to provide a new and meaningful connection as the foundation on which to create long-lasting change. I work from a systemic and attachment-based lens. In other words, I understand our mental health struggles to be interconnected with many aspects of our past and current life circumstances and relationships.  I want to work with you to identify any unhelpful patterns, learn new ways of interacting, and find meaning in your life story while looking toward the future with hope.

One area that I am especially passionate about is mental health struggles in the LGBTQ+ community with a specific area of interest in processing religious experiences in the context of the LGBTQ+ experiences. For many in the community religion has been particularly harmful. Whether you choose to re-engage or disengage, I can walk alongside you to help you identify, evaluate, and deconstruct unhealthy and harmful patterns with the hope and goal of finding a sense of ease in relating to this chapter of your life.