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I see adults, primarily in the LGBTQ2S+ community, struggling with complex and religious trauma, chronic illness, gender dysphoria, exploring sexuality, and neurodivergency. I also write gender affirming surgery letters. I am a queer, neurodivergent person with chronic illness that informs much of my work with clients. I strive to make therapy a comfortable and safe space in which you feel seen, heard, believed, and empowered to make changes needed to be your most authentic, fulfilled self. I meet clients where they are at and sit with them in a warm, nonjudgmental manner sprinkled with a dash of humor to help clients work through mental health struggles. I use an integrative approach, based out of attachment theory with techniques from interpersonal process therapy, narrative therapy, person-centered therapy and dialectical behavior therapy with a social and racial justice lens to provide individualized therapy to foster healing and growth.

I believe embracing who we are as a Whole person is crucial to healing and coping with life’s stressors; which often includes exploring how the intersections of living in a cisheteronormative, colonized, patriarchal, and capitalist society impacts our mental health. Therapy is a collaborative effort in helping you live your most authentic life.