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Hi there and welcome! I work with adults who are seeking to journey inwards, better understand their emotions and thought patterns, and grow into the most authentic and actualized version of themselves. I have worked in many different communities over the last 20 years specializing in LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and immigrant populations. I have a particular interest in working with biracial/multiracial individuals around identity development and pride.

Clinically, I work from a relational, trauma-informed, and systems approach, keeping in mind the many dimensions of wellness such as social connection, physical health, and finding meaning in life, to name just a few. I believe we are shaped by both our environments and our internal wiring and see therapy as an opportunity to better understanding one’s hopes, dreams, unresolved conflicts, and personal potential. I have been told I come across as present, collaborative, and real in how I show up as a therapist.

I identify as a queer cis woman of biracial descent. When not in the therapy office, you can find me outside among the trees, most often with my cuddly dog Pearl, or perhaps on a quest to find the best cappuccino in town.